3 Newborn Essentials You Don’t Need To Buy

These seemingly essential newborn products can cost you more than $1000, and they only last for six months. See how much you can save by hiring instead.

Best Value Baby Furniture Packages In Australia

Nursery furniture no doubt makes up the bulk of your newborn expenses. As a financially savvy mum, you can save a decent amount by bundling and buying furniture sets instead of single items separately.

Cost of commercial baby food pouches vs homemade baby food

Cost Of Baby Food Pouches vs Homemade Baby Food

Commercial baby food pouches save so much time, but do they save you as much money? I crunch the numbers to find out how much you can save with homemade baby food.

[Real Costs Analysis] Is Pregnancy Cover Private Healthcare Worth It?

Private vs Public Pregnancy Costs In Australia

How much does private healthcare for pregnancy really cost? Do you know what it actually covers? And how does it compare to the public healthcare system in terms of benefits and costs? In this first part of the series The Financially Savvy Mum, I research and look into the real costs of private and public healthcare in Australia for mums-to-be.