What Is Modal?

Modal is a bio-based rayon fabric made from reconstituted plant fibres, namely beech trees. 

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eco-friendly, environmentally friendly, good for the environement


Unlike cotton plantations which are major ecological threats, growing beech trees do not take away valuable land for growing food or require the use of toxic pesticides as it is a naturally occurring plant. The production of modal also uses 10-20 times less water than cotton.

love the planet, save the earth, bio degradable material


Clothing made with modal will return to the earth in your lifetime, whereas synthetic products like polyester take a couple of hundred years to break down and take up more landfills.

Soft, soothing, calm, relaxed

Soft & Breathable

One of the softest fabric on the market today, modal is also more breathable than cotton and often used in lingerie and baby clothes particularly in Europe. It is less common in the South Pacific region as beech trees are native to Europe, North America and some parts of Asia.

Low maintenance, time saving

Low Maintenance & Durable

Modal clothes maintain their new look for longer as they do not fade, pill, shrink, or stretch out of shape even after repeated washing. They also have anti-crease properties which mean there is no need for ironing as long as you hang them up to dry after washing.

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