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A note from the founder: 

"Back when I was a first time mum, I spent hours on Google looking up everything you can think of that relates to baby care. Routines, baby food, eczema, sleep training, best tandem prams, returning to work, childcare vs nanny etc. I was obsessed with raising my baby the best way possible.

Of course, now with a second baby, I know there is no such thing as "the best way" when it comes to motherhood. There is just one way - your way. It is the way you are most comfortable with and what works best for you and bub.

I started the Resource Centre to share with you what I've found in my extensive research so that it might help you in one small way or another. Perhaps saving you a bit of time, or providing a different perspective on things, or maybe simply just giving you a bit of inspiration.

Regardless what it does, I hope that the Resource Centre serves you well and I will continue to build up its content with your needs in mind."

Much love,
Jenny Chen


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