Saving Mums & Babies

When you purchase maternity wear from Blissful Maternity, 10% is donated to Compassion Australia and their Mums & Babies program, which endeavours to helps mums & babies in developing countries survive their first year together. 

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For mums and babies living in poverty, the first year of a child’s life is critical for survival.

Through generous supporters, Compassion works with mums and babies to prevent premature death, secure good health and enable positive development for babies and their caregivers.

In partnership with Compassion, local churches run activities and carry out regular home visits. Mums and Babies aims for a child and their caregiver to be:

  • Physically healthy
  • Encouraged in self-confidence and able to build healthy relationships
  • Equipped with life skills
  • Given the opportunity to hear the gospel message

Through Mums and Babies, you can help provide the support needed for the best start to life.