Our Story

Welcome to the little world of Blissful Maternity!

I'm Jenny, a Millenial / Gen Y mum based in beautiful Sydney with my husband and two boys. I grew up in Singapore and NZ (Christchurch), but have been a proud Aussie since 2009. 

Blissful Maternity is a reflection of my philosophy when it comes to buying things. I've been brought up to value quality over quantity, but also to do my research and make well-informed purchases. 

Yet, when I became pregnant with my first, I soon found that it is near impossible to find maternity wear that satisfied a mum's every need:

1. Can be used throughout pregnancy AND breastfeeding
A long run for your money is so important!

2. Unique style or design 
Because EVERY mum would have bought a maternity wear from Kmart or Big W at some point.

3) Doesn't break the bank
It just doesn't make sense to spend $150 on a dress that is made from cheap synthetic fabric like viscose or polyester!

4) Good quality and highly durable
By that I mean you don't have to worry about whether you can wash it in the machine; if the colours will fade; whether it will shrink; or if it'll be stretched out of shape.

5) Reliable, personal and honest service
If I had a friend back then who sold maternity wear, I would trust her more than any other retailers out there. Unfortunately, I had to deal with disappointing products and just accept it as fate. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

And so, after months of research (more than a year to be exact!), Blissful Maternity was born following my second boy, as a way of bridging the gap on all the above mentioned. 

My vision is to spread the love from one mum to another in more than one ways. When you make a Blissful purchase and feel that luxuriously soft fabric in your hands, I hope you feel the love and support from a fellow mum, because breastfeeding can be hard and arduous, and feeling comfortable makes a big difference.

In addition, we are so privileged as "first world mums" and I strongly believe that the strength of our motherhood can be used to make a difference in the lives of mums and babies struggling to survive in harsh conditions.

So as part of my endeavour to give back to the community and save lives, 10% of all sales are donated to the Mums & Babies program to help pregnant as well as new mums survive in developing countries with their babies.

I look forward to welcoming you to the Blissful family and being a part of your journey of motherhood! 


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