Our Story

Hello mumma! Welcome to the little world of Blissful Maternity, where I hope you will find the support you need for your unique motherhood journey.

I'm Jenny, a Millenial / Gen Y mum based in beautiful Sydney with my husband and two boys. I like to refer to this as "Our Story" because I am not doing this alone. Motherhood isn't always rainbows and roses, so support is truly important. 

Blissful Maternity is a reflection of my philosophy when it comes to buying things. I've been brought up to value quality over quantity, but also to do my research and make a well-informed purchase. So I spent hours researching fabric materials and how they impact the quality and cost of maternity wear.

Viscose and polyester are the most common materials used, but did you know that they are very cheap materials, yet are often retailed at a price range of $50-100? To me, this is outrageous, particularly as polyester is a fully synthetic fabric!

Eventually, I discovered modal and its superior characteristics (read more here). I realised that it is not yet readily available in Australia, especially in the maternity wear industry. I knew then that I wanted to introduce this beautiful fabric to the mums around me. After a long search, I finally found a trustworthy supplier in Fujian, China, who manufactured maternity wear using sustainably and ethically produced modal and designed their own unique pieces. They have a well-established client base in the Northern Hemisphere and happily enough were looking for ways to enter the Australian market, so our partnership was formed.

modal textile fabric sampleIn this way, Blissful Maternity is born, specialising in breastfeeding friendly maternity wear made from modal. We are still in the early stages of the business, but I have exciting plans ahead, including utilising my skills and experience as a professional graphic designer to bring about our own exclusive prints and designs. 

I look forward to welcoming you to the Blissful family and being a part of your journey of motherhood! 


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