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Every year, 2 million newborns die within the first month of their life

When you purchase maternity wear from Blissful Maternity, 10% of profits is donated to Compassion Australia and their Mums & Babies program, which endeavours to helps mums & babies in developing countries survive their first year together.

For mums and babies living in poverty, the first year of a child’s life is critical for survival

Through generous supporters like yourself, Compassion works with mums and babies to prevent premature death, secure good health and enable positive development for babies and their caregivers.

▸ Read the stories of three new mums living in Uganda

Our donations to the Mums & Babies program are used in three ways:

Baby Essentials Kit

Hand-delivered with a hug by Compassion staff, the essentials kit for newborns is filled with the necessary supplies a mum needs to care for her bundle of joy.

Pregnancy Care

Providing expectant mums with life-saving prenatal classes and checkups, plus crucial support during and after the delivery of their little ones.

Skilled Birth Attendent

Providing a professionally skilled birth attendant is one of the most strategic ways to help save the lives of a mother and her baby.

 Join us in a purpose driven motherhood

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Better for the planet

Although we do offer products made from cotton and cotton blends, we pride ourselves on our signature rayon fabric called modal: 

Made from sustainably sourced beech trees, it doesn't take away valuable land or require the use of toxic pesticides as it is a naturally occurring plant. The production of modal also uses 10-20 times less water than cotton.

Clothing made with modal will return to the earth in your lifetime, whereas synthetic products like polyester take a couple of hundred years to break down and take up more landfills.

Soft, Lightweight & Breathable
One of the softest fabric on the market today, modal is also more breathable than cotton and often used in lingerie and baby clothes in Europe.

Low Maintenance & Durable
Modal clothes do not fade, pill, shrink, or stretch out of shape even after repeated washing. They also have anti-crease properties which mean there is no need for ironing as long as you hang them up to dry after washing.

  Looking for comfortable nursing bra suitable for day AND night?

Our cotton wireless nursing bra is approved by 300+ mums across Australia

Most comfortable bra - better than most out there!

I was honestly surprised at how much I love this bra. Out of all bras I wear on a regular basis this is definitely my absolute favourite! It is so comfortable I actually wear it to sleep although it is nice enough to wear during the day. This definitely should be on a nursing mum’s must have list! The quality is so good I will probably get another!

Chantelle Perreau (verified buyer 19/10/2018)

✔︎ Superior comfort - Wireless & 95% cotton
✔︎ No clips or buckles - easy breastfeeding with crossover front
✔︎ Three hooks back extender to increase the width
✔︎ Removable nursing pad for easy washing
✔︎ Inset pocket to hold extra nursing pads for greater absorbency

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The Blissful Difference

Founded and run by a Millenial / Gen Y mum based in beautiful Sydney, Blissful Maternity aims to bridge the gap between quality, affordability, functionality, and social impact in the maternity wear industry.

I'm a mum, just like you. I shop online, just like you do. So I truly understand how important it is to run a business with sincerity, a heart and passion.

My vision is to spread the love from one mum to another. I strongly believe that the united strength of our motherhood can move mountains. I look forward to welcoming you to the Blissful family and being a part of your journey of motherhood!

Much love,
Jenny Chen 
Founder & Mum 

Bump & Beyond
Giving you every penny's worth, all our maternity wear are suitable for pregnancy AND breastfeeding.

Unique Style & Design
Unlike mass produced pieces offered by large retail chains, our boutique selection offers only the best handcrafted designs. 

Quality & Longlasting
Motherhood is tough, and so are our collections. Your work doesn't finish in a day, neither does our maternity wear. 

100% Aussie Owned
When you support a small Aussie business, you are making a difference to our local economy.

We are proud to offer FREE delivery within AU/NZ, no minimum spend required!

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