Office Wear


Buy maternity office wear that gets you from desk to dusk

We offer a boutique range of smart and comfortable maternity office wear. Best of all, our garments are designed to provide an environmentally conscious approach and functionality for both new and existing mums.

Based in Sydney, Blissful Maternity is run by a busy mum of two boys who understands the needs of a woman going through the periods of from pregnancy and nursing and motherhood. Investing in good quality, durable maternity office wear means that you can look and feel confident, while being comfortable at work during your pregnancy, through to nursing and beyond.

A Sydney-born brand with an eco-friendly heart

Our boutique selection  is predominantly made from a plant-based rayon called Modal. This fabric is an exceptionally durable material that is fade and crease-resistant, meaning your clothes look newer for longer, and provide durability when you need it most. The luxurious texture of the fabric is soft against even the most sensitive skin – perfect for pregnancy when the body is changing significantly. Modal is a biodegradable product, so you will have peace of mind knowing that it will return to to the earth during your lifetime, rather than clogging up landfill as many synthetic fabrics tend to do. More breathable than cotton, modal is also perfect for the Australian climate. It’s breathability means you can keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

When selecting our range of maternity office wear, we kept practical design firmly in mind, to ensure the garments are suitable for the mothers growing and changing body during pregnancy, though to being suitable for breastfeeding with ease. This dual functionality enables women to get more wear from their maternity office wear, all the while enjoying an on-trend look and premium comfort.

While shopping online for a work wardrobe, many women find high waisted options, such as the High Waist Porcelain Floral Maternity Nursing Dress, to be comfortable and flattering, with plenty of room for a growing bump and modest length for the workplace. Another popular option is the Little Top, featuring an elastic empire waistline, that offers a flattering shape during pregnancy, while being comfortable and suitable through to nursing.