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As your body changes rapidly throughout pregnancy, your regular bra may begin to cause discomfort and no longer suit your evolving needs. Most women find that underwire bras can be restricted and become uncomfortable. Blissful Maternity is here to help you find the right support for your breasts, as they prepare to nourish your soon-to-be born baby. As both new and existing mums may experience extra leakage during both pregnancy, finding a bra to suit can be a significant hurdle to tackle. It’s recommended that, during pregnancy, once you experience red marks or other discomfort from your bra, that you replace it effectively. There are many option to choose from on the modern market, but finding one that will last, provide maximum comfort and confidence, can be tricky.

We’re here to give you the confidence you need in a maternity nursing bra

When looking to buy wireless maternity nursing bras online, it’s important to know that a good one should also feature wider shoulder straps to ensure maximum support and reduce painful and unpleasant digging into your shoulders.

Additional hook extenders will ensure that your garment will last longer during your pregnancy as your body changes. Some women find that, during their pregnancies, they may go up a cup size or two. Due to this, some women believe that buying cheaper bras from department or box stores are a better budgeting option,  as they may need replacing frequently. This is why a good quality bra that can provide extended support right from the outset, is critical.

A cup with a breathable and soft fabrics – such as cotton – is crucial, as the skin of the breast can become extremely sensitive during this phase in your life. Easy access to your breasts is also  extremely important, once you begin feeding your new baby. Many maternity bras found online may have clips that can be unhooked to reveal the breast for feeding. However, our Cotton Wireless Maternity Nursing Bra offers the simple convenience of merely a pull aside cross over front. Another key feature is an additional pocket to keep in place extra nursing pads for extra absorbency.

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Blissful Maternity’s was conceived in Sydney, Australia, by a busy mum of two.  As a side hustle, the business’s goal to bring high quality, environmentally friendly maternity wear to mums across Australia is what drives the brand to provide a premium range. Choosing the best materials and designs, aimed to support women from pregnancy to breastfeeding and beyond, Blissful Maternity offers a boutique selection that focuses on investing in quality over quantity. With that in mind our range is extremely affordable with a selection of payment options providing a convenient and easy shopping experience. We also offer free shipping Australia-wide for your convenience. Best of all, 10% of our sales go to mothers and bubs in need in developing countries across the globe.