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When we were expecting baby no.2, hubby and I quickly realised we needed to get a tandem pram, because our firstborn would only be 21 months old when no.2 is born.

Needless to say, I spent several weeks doing market research with the aim of buying one that is the most value for money. Eventually, we bought the Redsbaby Jive Tandem, which leads me now to this review.

Bear in mind that this review and comparison is based on what's available locally in Australia, and only includes the most common/popular tandem prams (i.e. front & back seating arrangement). 

Compared Traits

When we were making our decision, there were a few important factors that we placed more emphasis on, specifically:

  1. Weight, with seats attached and without - This is because we needed to consider when I might be going out with both the kids. Even a 1kg difference in weight can make the pram a lot easier for me to manoeuvre, fold, and move it to/from the car while wrangling two kiddies. 
  2. Dimension - This is a no brainer, smaller the better. People get annoyed when mums take up the entire aisle at supermarkets, or when the huge, clumsy pram is knocking into them to make a turn.
  3. Price - We were willing to pay a bit more to find our ideal pram, but nothing exorbitant like 2k. 
  4. Reviews - Customer reviews is one of the most reliable ways to make a decision when we haven't got time to run around Sydney trying out every single pram. The bigger the pool of reviews, the more accurate the rating. 

So, going off the above-mentioned traits, here's a quick comparison table* of most, if not all, tandem prams found in Australia. I've also included links to where I found the best price and all the ratings.

 Brand Weight of chassis only Weight with two seats Unfolded dimension
with 2 seats
Best price for 2 seats + bassinet Rating on Product Reviews
Redsbaby Jive 7.7kg 13.8kg

W: 58.5cm
L: 92cm

$1,049 + $20 delivery 4.8
Babyhood Doppio 7kg 14kg
W: 62cm
L: 100cm
$924 + variable delivery fee from $22-89 N/A
Steelcraft Strider Compact Deluxe Edition
(Note: The original has been retired as of 02/01/2017)
9kg 15.9kg Info not found $980 + variable shipping fee $12-35 3.9
Baby Jogger City Select (Double)
Info not found
15.5kg W: 65cm
L: 135cm

$1,093 (on special) + $9 delivery 4.2
UppaBaby Vista 9.07kg 15.9kg W: 67cm
L: 94cm
$1,677 4.7
Oyster Max 9.5kg 15.5kg W: 60cm
L: 93cm
$1,261 4.5
ABC Design Zoom Twin Pram 10kg
Info not found
W: 60cm
L: 115cm
$1,499 + variable delivery fee ranging from $12-$140 4.7
iCandy Peach 3 (Twin) 10kg
Info not found
Info not found
$2,062 + variable delivery fee, all things sold separately 3.7
Silvercross Wave 10kg 18kg
W: 60cm
L: 111cm
$1,699 (on special) + $9 delivery 5.0 (based on 1 review)
Joolz Geo Duo 8.5kg 14.5kg
W: 60cm
L: 109cm
$1,929 (on special) + $9 delivery 4.1

*All information accurate as at 17 August 2017

We tried a couple of these prams in store, but almost all of them were incredibly heavy, large, and difficult to navigate. I felt like I was pushing a tank! How was I ever supposed to the leave house with such a monster of a thing?

From the table above, Redsbaby Jive is the clear winner in almost every category. Babyhood Doppio is a second runner-up and extremely similar to the Jive in every way, including the way it folds and how the seats attach. Unfortunately, we didn't see it in the store and there were hardly any reviews online for us to make an informed decision. 

We attended the Redsbaby Jive demo at a Babies & Toddlers Expo and made our decision a few weeks later. It's now been half a year since we started using it as a tandem pram, and here's my honest review of it.

Note that the below review is based on having BOTH seats attached.

Redsbaby Jive Tandem Pram Review

Redsbaby is an Australian brand founded by two Aussie parents. The Jive is one of the prams they sell, designed and manufactured locally. More information on their products can be found here.

Navigating 5/5

We recently moved into a new development area where lots of construction work is still going on. The Jive has had no problem at all going over the uneven dirt paths, grass patches and cracked concrete. Its movements are so smooth I can spin it like a salsa partner if I wanted to.

Because of its compact size, I have never feared going through narrow Asian supermarket aisles or making my way through Woolies at peak hour. 

Folding 4/5

When folded, the Jive is a neat little thing. You do so by sliding up and holding onto two side latches under the handle bar (near where the Redsbaby logo is) and then folding the frame in half. It's usually very straightforward, unfortunately for me, the mechanism in the latches jam about 40% of the time. When you have a 2-year-old running around and a baby screaming, even an extra 10 seconds spent trying to fold the pram feels like an eternity.  

Assembling & Disassembling 3/5

For the first few months after the baby was born, we frequently changed the configuration of the Jive using both the seats and bassinet, depending on whether the baby needs to nap outside, so we are constantly having to disassemble and reassemble the pram in various ways. 

In doing so multiple times a week (sometimes even a few times a day), I've found that unlatching the seats from the frame isn't the easiest thing to do. You need both hands to press down on the two latches simultaneously. And you can't do it half-heartedly either or it wouldn't come off. I've also had my fingers caught painfully in the latches a few times when trying to lift the seat/bassinet off the frame. 

However, once you get used to it, it's fine. And to be fair, I'm a clumsy person, plus a lot of other tandem prams use the same latch mechanism, so the same problem might apply there too. Now that baby is a bit older, we no longer need the bassinet so having a semi-permanent two-seat forward-facing configuration has made the Jive extremely pleasant and easy for us to use.

Quality (Design & Materials) 5/5

The quality of the Jive is undisputed and, in my humble opinion, unrivalled. It doesn't just look high quality, it feels well built and has been thoughtfully designed right down to the practical details. 

For example, our old single pram (which shall remain anonymous) had covers that went over the harness. Our toddler, however, would constantly be sliding in and out of the pram, causing all the covers to repeatedly slip off. I cannot say enough how annoying it was to have to replace the covers a dozen times a day. Eventually, we just gave up and never put them on again. Same story for the seat liner. 

The Jive, however, has cleverly designed both the seat liner and harness covers to have press studs so that they clip firmly onto the pram seat or straps of the harness. In the past six months of being abused by our toddler, nothing has fallen off yet. This is just ONE example of its wonderful details.

Comfort 5/5

Both the baby and toddler have been in the upper and lower seats interchangeably and neither has ever made a fuss. They've also taken long naps in both seats (and the bassinet for the baby I might add). I think that's saying plenty about the comfort of the Jive.  

Style 5/5

Most people who saw our Jive have commented on its style. I can say with all honesty that the Jive is the most stylish thing I own and I feel twice as confident when I leave the house with it. It feels even better knowing that I did not spend a fortune on something that looks this good.

We ordered the Mist coloured Jive with Indigo seat liners. I highly recommend this combination because it means the pram is greatly visible to cars at night (safety first!), and the dark coloured seat liner doesn't show dirt marks and food smears as much as light coloured ones (this is important if you have a toddler).

Configuration 3/5

Last but not least, I don't want to sound like I'm overselling the Jive, so here's an area where it doesn't perform as well. In terms of seat configurations, the Jive has significantly fewer variations as compared to some of its competitors. 

That said, it does cover the most commonly used configurations, so I think it will meet the needs of most families regardless. What's the point of having 200 different configurations anyway? I honestly doubt anyone would have the time and patience to swap between all of those configurations, especially not if you have two kids!


Note: There is no affiliate marketing or paid sponsorship in any of my review and comparison articles. All content is purely self-driven research with the aim of helping myself and others make informed decisions. 


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