[Comparison] Best Newborn Nappies in Australia


Searching for nappies for a nappy cake, or preparing for a newborn? There is a surprising number of nappy brands available to Aussie mums, including a few international bestsellers and eco-friendly options if you want disposable nappies that do not contribute to environmental pollution.

In this comparison article, I delve into the costs, ratings and features of each brand to determine which nappies are the best for newborns. There’s a lot of information in here, so I’ve organised the entire article into four categories (click on the subheadings to skip ahead):

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Frequently asked questions regarding newborn nappies

How long will my baby be in newborn nappies?

The newborn phase is generally three months, but when it comes to nappies, it’s best to go by weight rather than age. Most brands with newborn nappies are for babies up to 5kg, but there are some that specifically for 4-6kg.

As such, how long your baby will require newborn nappies will depend on how quickly they gain weight and how long it takes them to exceed the maximum weight recommendation for that particular brand.

As a general rule, though, if you’re trying to work out a budget, it’s safe to assume you’ll need at least three months worth of newborn nappies. Most newborns can use up to 12 nappies a day, so over their newborn phase, you should budget for roughly 1,080 newborn nappies.

It’s definitely not a small figure, which is why the cost comparison in this article is significant. Based on the cheapest and most expensive brands out there, you could be looking at a total difference of almost $600 over three months!

Are newborn nappies unisex?

Yes, most if not all newborn nappies are unisex, both in terms of print design as well as the fitting and layer composition. Bigger sizes, however, catering for crawlers and toddlers tend to be gender-specific, with boys’ nappies having greater absorbency at the front, and the girls’ more concentrated in the middle and back.

What size are newborn nappies?

Newborn nappies are usually labelled as Size 1. Some brands will offer premmie nappies as Size 0.

What are some common nappy problems?

The two most common issues parents experience with nappies are leakages from the sides and back, and also nappy rash or redness.

Nappy leakages can be caused by many reasons including:

  • Incorrect use of nappies – Taping it up too loose, misaligned, or forgetting to flip out the leak guard can all result in leakages.
  • Unsuitable fitting – Every baby is different, so it will take trial and error to find a nappy with a contour and cutting that perfectly wraps around your baby’s bum and thighs.
  • Sizing too large or too small – Both cases can cause leakages, although in most cases people have found that sizing up usually solves leaking problems.

Nappy rash and redness is also fairly common, and has a few contributing factors:

  • Sensitive skin – If the baby has eczema or naturally sensitive skin, they might will require nappies that are more breathable and natural.
  • Having nappies on for too long – Unlike older babies who can sometimes go half a day without changing their nappies, newborns require frequent changing of nappies, even if it’s only a small wee because wet nappies create a lot of warm moisture around their sensitive area which can lead to skin reactions.

Price Comparison & Rating

For this comparison, I have included links to the cheapest available option I found, which may not necessarily be a mainstream supermarket. In most cases, bulk buying offers significant savings.

To keep the results fair and consistent, I have sourced all review ratings only from ProductReview.com.au, the largest review site in Australia. I generally also like to calculate the percentage of 5-star ratings. I believe this is a more accurate representation of how good a product is, rather than looking at the poorer reviews.

Unsatisfied customers tend to rate differently and irrationally (e.g. a leaking nappy might cause some people to give 1-star, while others might give 3-stars), whereas people who rate 5-stars are consistently 100% satisfied, so their feedback is more accurate.

Supermarket Brands

BrandLowest Unit PriceRating on ProductReview
Huggies Ultimate Nappies Newborn $0.25 on Amazon AUOverall 4.1
5 stars - 52%
Babylove Cosifit Bulk Nappies Newborn$0.26 at ColesOverall 4.1
5 stars - 61%
Mamia Unisex Newborn Nappies$0.14 at ALDIOverall 3.7
5 stars - 42%
Coles CUB Unisex Ultra Dry Newborn Nappies$0.17 at ColesOverall 3.0
5 stars - 33%
Pampers Premium Protection Newborn (aka Pampers Baby Dry)
$0.39 on Amazon AUOverall 4.2
5 stars - 62%

Eco-friendly Brands

BrandLowest Unit PriceRating on ProductReview
Rascal & Friends Unisex Premium Newborn Nappies$0.26 at ColesOverall 3.6
5 stars - 57%
Tooshies By Tom Newborn Nappy$0.39 at ColesOverall 4.1
5 stars - 64%
Ecoriginals Nappies Newborn Plus$0.57 at Hello CharlieOverall 4.6
5 stars - 83%
Moltex Eco Nappies Newborn$0.69 at Hello Charlie(Previously Moltex Oko - discontinued)
Overall 4.5
5 stars - 68%
Bambo Nature Eco Nappies Newborn$0.59 at Hello CharlieOverall 4.4
5 stars - 70%
Thank You Nappies Little Dreamer$0.26 at Thank You officialOverall 3.6
5 stars - 43%

Newborn Nappies – Supermarket Brands

Huggies Ultimate Nappies Newborn

Huggies Ultimate Nappies Newborn 108pk jumbo
  • Has wetness indicator
  • Endorsed by the Australian College of Midwives
  • Despite its brand and reputation, it doesn’t have a significant advantage over other brands

Huggies is one of the biggest and bestselling brands in Australia, but unsatisfied customer reviews seem to agree that it is overpriced for what it offers. Some of the drawbacks include leakage and baby skin problems, including rash and blisters.

Huggies have also gone through a few redesigns of their nappy packaging in recent years, and earlier this year faced controversial news with “exploding nappies”.

It was also announced that Huggies nappies will no longer be manufactured in Australia, with its factory shutting by end of July 2019 and all operations moving to Asia. Only time will tell if this restructuring will affect the quality and production of their nappies.

Babylove Cosifit Nappies Newborn

  • Has wetness indicator*
  • General feedback indicates less skin rash and redness than Huggies, but more leakage
  • Supporting partner of Miracle Babies Foundation, for premature and sick newborns
  • Free sample available

*Some Amazon reviews complain that the wetness indicator is not available on size 3 and up, but this is true of all brands. It is uncommon to find wetness indicator for larger nappy sizes in any brand.

Although a brand commonly found in supermarkets locally in Australia, Babylove is, in fact, a subsidiary brand of Japanese corporation Unicharm, which specialises in disposable hygiene products for babies and females.

Despite often seen as a cheaper alternative to Huggies, my own search for the lowest price has shown that Babylove ($0.26 per piece at Coles) is in fact slightly more expensive than Huggies ($0.25 per piece on Amazon AU).

Coles CUB Unisex Ultra Dry Newborn Nappies

CUB Unisex Ultra Dry Newborn Nappies
  • Coles home brand, previously branded as Comfy Bots
  • Second cheapest disposable newborn nappy available
  • Prone to leakage

Prior to being rebranded as CUB, the Comfy Bots range seemed to receive better feedback from mums. Most of the negative reviews for CUB are from customers who used to buy Comfy Bots and are now frustrated with the poor quality after the redesign.

Personally, I have never used their newborn ones, but I am currently using their Walker for my 2-year-old and was previously using their Junior nappy for my 4-year-old. My only reason is their economical pricing, but given the low pricing, I wasn’t surprised to find that the nappies do feel very stiff and uncomfortable.

My boys didn’t seem to mind though, the comfort of the nappy didn’t bother them. They did have a few leaks overnight, but since it wasn’t an every day or weekly occurrence, I felt it was worth it for the savings it brought us.

ALDI Mamia Unisex Newborn Nappies

ALDI Mamia Unisex Newborn Nappies

The home brand of supermarket Aldi, Mamia is another popular choice for newborn nappies amongst local mums in Australia. Although not highly rated on ProductReview, it is the winner of Canstar Blue in 2019 for best disposable nappies, according to a survey of 1,200 local families.

A significant number of negative feedback on Huggies newborn nappies referred to Aldi’s Mamia as being better in terms of what it offered for its price.

Pampers Newborn (Pampers Baby Dry)

Pampers Premium Protection, Size 1 Newborn
  • Highly rated at 4.2 on ProductReview
  • Bestselling American brand in Europe and Asia
  • Three absorbing layers
  • Contoured front to fit below the belly button

Pampers is an internationally bestselling brand that hasn’t quite made a name for itself in Australia. Available for the lowest price on Amazon AU, customer reviews indicate that Pampers nappies are thinner but more absorbent than Huggies. They are also slightly longer at the back, which aids in keeping poo explosions contained.

This brand also has the highest percentage of 5-stars rating on ProductReview, with 62% of reviews giving 5-stars, as compared to Huggies (52%) and Babylove (61%).

Biodegradable Nappies – Eco-friendly Brands

Rascal & Friends Unisex Premium Newborn Nappies

Rascal & Friends Unisex Premium Newborn Nappies
  • 100% NZ owned & designed
  • Prints on nappies are made with water-based eco inks

Technically, Rascal & Friends isn’t as eco-friendly as the other brands listed below. It is non-biodegradable, but because they use water-based eco inks for the prints on the nappies, I’ve decided to list them in this section.

Although it is the most affordable eco disposable nappy on this list, it is the lowest rated on ProductReview. Despite its claim of having no nasties and designed to prevent rash that often happens with eczema babies, customer feedback has reflected that it does not, in fact, do the job.

From leakages to blisters, it appears Rascal & Friends nappies have the same problem as Huggies.

Tooshies By Tom Newborn Nappy

  • 100% Australia owned & designed
  • Founded by an Aussie mum
  • Made from hypoallergenic plant-based materials

One of the few eco-friendly options that are readily available at local supermarket Coles, Tooshies By Tom is an Australian brand that has been well received by mums across the nation.

Some of the more common positive reviews include sustainability, great balance between convenience and environmental impact, and no leaks.

Ecoriginals Nappies Newborn Plus

Ecoriginals Nappies Newborn Plus
  • Highest rated 5-star brand on the list
  • Australia designed
  • Only suitable from 4kg up (roughly 2-4 weeks postpartum) – Newborn size (birth-4kg) coming soon
  • Free sample pack available
  • Made from 80% plant-based ingredients
  • Zero nasties
  • Compostable packaging (world first!) which takes only 90 days to biodegrade

A fairly new kid on the block, Ecoriginals was launched in December 2013 by Byron Bay (NSW) Aussie parents – Lachlan and Lisa – after 2.5 years of research, design, and testing.

Perhaps the most surprising thing about Ecoriginals nappies is that not only does it have a whopping 83% of 5-stars review, but it also has yet to receive a single 1-star review on ProductReview.

Granted, it doesn’t have many reviews at the moment, but the percentage of 5-star ratings is definitely something to note for now. If you’re looking for a truly eco-friendly disposable nappy, this would be my top pick.

Although much pricier than other brands, you can save almost 18% with their monthly nappy subscription box.

Moltex Eco Nappies Newborn

Moltex Eco Nappies Newborn 2-4kgs
  • World’s first eco nappy, German engineered
  • Awarded ‘Mumsnet Best’ Award for 2013
  • 100% biodegradable outer lining, 40% biodegradable inner lining with 100% FSC certified wood pulp
  • Comfort recess for newborn umbilical cord
  • Reducing carbon footprint with ‘carbon neutral’s’ Plant-a-Tree program
  • Sponsoring ‘Trees for Life’ Australian native bushland regeneration program

Although not an Australian brand, Germany-based Moltex has been doing great things for our local environment with its carbon-neutral production process and donations towards ‘Tree For Life’, which aims to revive and protect Australian bushland, farmland and urban terrain.

It claims to be the world’s first eco nappy, free of fragrances and natural latex. As an organisation, they also seem to be making a conscious effort to minimise their environmental impact, right through their manufacturing and marketing.

According to their website:

The pallets used for the nappies are made from recycled woodchip and are sent to the local tip for recycling. Wherever possible we use recycled paper/card for all our printing.

Bambo Nature Eco Nappies Newborn

  • Made in Denmark, Nordic Swan Eco Label
  • Lower eco footprint guaranteed
  • No nasty chemicals
  • 100% recyclable packaging
  • Made with FSC wood pulp

Bambo Nature is comparable to Ecoriginals and Moltex in terms of both pricing and ratings. However, it is the only brand on this list that is an independently certified eco-label and truly cares about the cradle-to-grave life cycle of its nappies.

While other eco nappies focus mainly on disposal, Bambo Nature also looks at its raw materials and manufacturing process to reduce its eco-footprint. They were featured as a top eco disposable nappy in the Herald Sun back in 2010, beating Moltex.

Thank You Nappies Little Dream

Thankyou Baby Nappies Little Dreamer Newborn
  • 100% profit donated to ending poverty globally
  • Designed by Thank You, an Australian social enterprise
  • Hypoallergenic

Similar to Rascal & Friends, Thank You nappies aren’t strictly eco-friendly. They do use sustainable sourcing for their wood pulp and are free from chlorine, latex, fragrances, metals and lead, but they’re not biodegradable or compostable.

As a social enterprise, the Thank You company exists 100% for the purpose of ending global poverty, which means 100% of their profits are donated to their global partners (such as Unicef and World Vision) for sustainable projects.

Can’t decide which eco nappy to get? Try an eco nappy sample pack with five different brands, including eco-friendly baby wipes.

Eco newborn nappy pack from Hello Charlie

Conclusion – The Best Newborn Nappies

Cheapest newborn nappiesALDI Mamia

If cost is an important factor in your decision making, ALDI’s Mamia nappy range is the most economical option on the market. Although its general feedback isn’t top of the line, it’s not the worst either. At just 14 cents per piece, it’s not a bad choice for those with a limited budget.

Highest rated nappies – Ecoriginals

Although one of the most expensive brands, Ecoriginals ticks all the boxes for most Australian mums – it is an eco-friendly local brand, produced ethically and sustainably with zero nasties, and highly comfortable and absorbent. It is the highest rated on ProductReview (with a rating of 4.6) and has yet to receive a 1-star rating.

Best overall nappies – Tooshies by Tom

For the best of everything, Tooshies by Tom is competitively priced option (only slightly more expensive than Huggies and Babylove) that is also eco-friendly with a fairly decent review of 4.1 on ProductReview. So for those who want to find a balance between price, quality, and environmental impact, Tooshies by Tom is the best choice.

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