It All Started With My Motherhood Journey

I became pregnant with my first son in August 2014, and so began my realisation that I am a CRCN (Compulsive Research & Comparison Nerd). From what I bought, to what I did during pregnancy and postpartum, I obsessed over the “right way, right decision”.

This meant hours and days spent pouring over the vast abyss of information on the Internet to help me make informed decisions with my budget and for my health.

How do I maximise my chance of a natural, no medication labour? Where do I find good quality maternity wear for the best price? What’s the best routine to get baby sleeping through the night?

If you’ve asked it, chances are I’ve Googled it. And bookmarked about a dozen sites. And also have a couple of spreadsheets lying around.

The Birth Of Blissful Maternity

Maternity wear was one of the first things I compared and researched extensively. Fast forward to June 2017, I was on maternity leave with my second boy. I realised that there is a huge problem with the maternity wear industry: 

Retailers were selling cheap clothes for expensive price tags. [More info on my findings here]

And consumers (mums like you and me) are being suckered because no one ever looks at what their clothes are made from.

So true to my nature, I dedicated precious sleep time to finding maternity wear that offered an ideal balance between quality, comfort, eco impact, and cost. Because mums have been conned for long enough.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the planet, but I would be lying if I said I’ll pay $200 for a bamboo maternity dress. 

And so I launched my own range of maternity wear made from modal fabric (see its comparison to bamboo and other fabrics). I like to call it the cheaper alternative to bamboo. In terms of properties, it rivals bamboo in all aspects – breathability, lightweight, durability, biodegradable, antibacterial and more.

Blogging For Business

Soon after I started the business, I realised that with all the information I had gathered over the years regarding baby sleep, eczema, prams, and other bits and bobs, it could potentially save a few mums out there a lot of time and effort.

And so I organised all that I had and posted articles under the blog section, as a means of supplementing my customers with useful and practical fact-based information which they would otherwise have to spend hours finding.

Another two years later, in early 2019, it’s become apparent from the traffic coming to my website that the blog was proving to be super useful and time-saving for mums across Australia.

And so, I decided to keep adding to the blog with fresh new content and research, eventually turning the blog into the main business in mid-2019, with the maternity wear range now as a supplement to the business.

A Purposeful Motherhood

As part of my endeavour to encourage purposeful motherhood, I donate 10% of profits from the business to providing essential antenatal and newborn care for mums in developing countries.

We are so blessed with free healthcare in Australia, and it is my strong belief that we can leverage our first-world privileges by making mindful purchases that helps both the environment as well as the less fortunate.

Thank You & Welcome

Wow, you made it to the end! You must be as nerdy as me, let’s be friends. Thank you so much for visiting, I hope you stick around for a while.

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