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The short story:

Hello, I’m Jenny Chen, blogger and content creator of Blissful Maternity. I live in Sydney with my husband and three boys (send help – or buy me a coffee).

I’m a third culture 90s kid – born in the UK, grew up in Singapore, and then moved to Christchurch, NZ, with my family in 2016. I came to Sydney for my university studies and graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor of Design (Graphics).

Blissful Maternity is not just another mummy blog. It started as a cumulation of all the product research and comparison I’ve done over the years and is now an ongoing part of my motherhood journey.

It is a fully 100% Australian site dedicated only to products and services that are available locally. Why? Because too many information sites out there are dominated by the U.S market and inapplicable to those of us living down under.

The long story:

Mums naturally tend to make the majority of the household decisions when raising our tribe – health, travels, finances, groceries, furniture – and most of us tend to do a bit of research so we can make the best decisions.

I take it to a whole different level though.

When I became pregnant with my first son in August 2014, I realised I was a compulsive research and comparison nerd. From what I bought to what I did during pregnancy and postpartum, I couldn’t stop comparing costs, quality, and value for money for products, and researching credibility and reviews for any information and services.

This meant hours and days spent pouring over the vast abyss of information on the Internet to help me make informed decisions for myself and my family’s needs.

How do I maximise my chance of a natural, no medication labour? Where do I find good quality maternity wear for the best price? What’s the best routine to get baby sleeping through the night?

I didn’t just stop at the first or second page of Google search results. I would often dig deep to the 10th page, or go to the Images or News section to find even more information.

If you’ve asked it, chances are I’ve Googled it. And bookmarked about a dozen sites. And also have a couple of spreadsheets lying around.

Saving research time for Aussie mums

In 2017, I realised that with all the information I had gathered over the years regarding baby sleep, eczema, prams, and other bits and bobs, it could potentially save a few mums out there a lot of time and effort.

And so I organised all that I had and started posting them as blog articles, with the sole purpose of sharing the information I have with other mums, who might otherwise have to sacrifice sleep and spend hours finding.

Why make it a dedicated Australian blog? Because while I was Googling answers for all my questions, I realised a lot of information out there are based in the US or UK, which may not always apply to those us in Australia, particularly products that are unavailable here.

The first article I ever posted was a personal review of Little One’s sleep program, which I had purchased shortly after the birth of my second son. To my surprise, Google clearly saw value in my content and it quickly climbed the ranks of search results. Before long, I was getting more than 1,000 views a month just from that article alone.

It was greatly encouraging to know that there was indeed a demand for concise, well-organised and researched information. From there, the rest is history as I went on to publish more reviews and comparison articles on baby and motherhood related products and services.

Everything I write and publish here on Blissful Maternity is independently researched and I only ever recommend products or services that I would personally use.

Thank You & Welcome

I didn’t think anyone would be interested in my story, but here you are! Thank you so much for visiting, I hope you stick around for a while.

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